Lots of apples , on ground, and on trees 2. Good ones left, rotten thrown away. pigs Other Maybe cider. Trees might have another batch...also avail. Pu sun or mon, or going to green waste.
American Guinea Hogs Piglets $150 each Guineas are grazers Great Weed ControlThe American Guinea Hog is the ideal sustainable heritage farm pig, known for its moderate size, excellent foraging abilities, friendly temperament, excellent flavored meat and indispensable lard. It is a good-sized farm pig providing a nice, well-marbled cascaras.Available for pick up in UkiahCall Darlene
Pigtronix EXP Dual Expression pedal - for use with keyboards, effects pedals and synths. Using this pedal, you can control parameters like delay times using your foot. Its pretty cool. Ive only used it a few times. Seriously. Like.... maybe 3 times. Its brand new, basically. The plastic film protecting the bottom is still on. Flawless. It comes in the original box with the little allen wrench. ...